What is the Transgender Encounter Project?
The Transgender Encounter Project (TEP) is a worldwide *safe and anonymous* action movement.  With each "encounter" between transgender people and the rest of society, we begin to transform the thinking of many people about who we are and what our place is in the world.  We begin to assert our human-ness and our harmlessness.  The Transgender Encounter Project aims to change the world, one "trans encounter" at a time.
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How Do I Participate? 

You are: Transgender, an ally, or some other relation to a Transgender person/the Trans Community. There are many ways to participate so as to make your presence known, safely and anonymously.

1) Drop 'Em and Pin 'Em: Drop cards when you are out and about. Come back here and Pin It!

2) Make 'Em:  You don't have to get your cards from us to participate.  We encourage you to make your own cards. If you do, let people know where they can find us online: ‪

Make sure that info and the Project name is somewhere on the card, front or back. This way people learn about the Project and we may get some feedback from those who can then come here to tell us about their "trans encounter" experience.

3) Get 'Em and Give 'Em: Get your cards from us HERE  or Pay It Forward for someone else HERE

4) Spread The Word:  Talk about the cards and share about the Project to your friends, family, and extended community. Spread the word to your LGBTQ groups and organizations, your clinic or doctor's office, your affirming spiritual fellowships or congregations. If you are following us on FB, share our posts and updates.    
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